Bladder Strengthening Formula

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Bladder Strengthening Formula

Bladder Strengening Formula is a therapeutic blend of 7 certified organic essential oils that are known for their bladder strengthening properties when used on both adults or/and children. Oils like Cypress, Juniperberry and Lavender.

Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens) is a Monoterpene that is well known as an antispasmodic due to the presence of the chemical component a-pinene, which is also an anti-inflammatory and diuretic.

Bergamot (Citrus bergamia) is a Monoterpenol that has a chemical component called linalyl acetate. It is an antispasmodic and induces relaxation of smooth muscle and has vasorelaxant effects on the bladder.

Energetically, Lavender, Cypress and Bergamot all have a positive effect against anxiety.

*Always check with your doctor before using a new product or supplement. Essential Oils are not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any disease.

How to use: Rub over bladder/pelvic area 2-5 times a day, or every time you go to the restroom. For children, rub over bladder morning and night before bed.

Tips for dealing with childhood bed wetting:

Sometimes bedwetting indicates that the brain does not know where the body is in time and space. Here's a tried and true method that countless families have used to eliminate bedwetting in their children

Arm and Leg Squeezes: You want their brain to wake up to feel things more appropriately. How do you do that? It is about getting specific stimulation to the brain. Note that I said "specific" not random. There is a great deal of random stimulation (overkill) in our world today; all that does is confuse things.
Our recommendation is this: Every day for about five minutes at a time, several times a day, give your child arm and leg squeezes. Deeply massage all four limbs several times a day, and it will give signals to the brain that will enable the child to know where his or her body is in time and space. We did this activity with our children. Our hyperactive child began to settle down and now is no longer hyperactive. Squeeze just below the pain threshold. You don't want it to hurt, but you want them to feel it. Every child is different in how they feel it. So you will have to experiment with your child. Most children LOVE this activity. Some children have to get used to it at first, but then they begin to request their squeezy time and look forward to it.

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