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This blend of Organic/Therapeutic Essential oils may help to calm a fast heart rate associated with anxiety and stress. This blend can also be used for any type of anxiety and stress. The oils used in Feel The Beat are: Lavender, Melissa, Clary Sage, Jasmine, Frankincense and Rose.

Lavender: Antispasmodic: The antispasmodic actions of lavender are likely due in part to the presence of linalyl acetate, which relaxes smooth muscle (Kang et al. 2013). Anxiolytic (anxiety-relieving): Lavender essential oil has a long history of use in emotional illness, including anxiety disorders. Tonic: Lavender is a tonic. It is healing on both body and mind and can strengthen and restore vitality.

Melissa: CNS sedative: In traditional Moroccan medicine, Melissa is used as an antispasmodic with calming actions (Bounihi et al. 2013). It has therapeutic value in dementia as it can encourage calmness, reduce agitation, and enhance cognition (Ballard et al. 2002). Stress and shock: Melissa is a strong sedative, and can be used to reduce shock. The oil is best used in small quantities, and its sedative effects come on slowly. It’s also used for reducing heart palpitations. Low mood: Melissa is both uplifting and calming. For depression due to serious stress, melissa can be highly effective in reducing tension, and therefore provides an emotionally uplifting effect. If the depression is more due to very low energy and feelings of sadness, it may be more effective to use a more stimulating oil to address the depression. Melissa is a great oil to manage agitation and restlessness.

Rose: Eases shock, grief, and depression, Soothes anger, Heals deep despair and anxiety, Soothes and heals the heart, Brings a feeling of love

Clary Sage: Antispasmodic: Linalyl acetate, a major component of clary sage essential oil, can induce relaxation of smooth muscle (Kang et al. 2013). Cardiovascular protection: Responses to chronic stress are complex and involve many cardiovascular and autonomic changes that result in cardiovascular complications and dysfunction (Crestani 2016). Clary sage has antidepressant actions, it can reduce anxiety and mitigate stress, and in stressful situations, it can reduce blood pressure and respiratory rate. This would indicate that it is an ideal candidate for the prevention of cardiovascular disease precipitated by emotional stress. Seol et al. (2013) suggested that clary sage essential oil directly relaxes the vascular smooth muscle, causing a fall in blood pressure. Yang et al. (2014) investigated the effects of endothelial dysfunction in rats to establish if clary sage could be effective in the prevention and treatment of stress-induced cardiovascular disease. The results led to the conclusion that clary sage oil may have an important role to play in treating endothelial dysfunction by regulating oxidative stress and nitric oxide production. Vasorelaxant: Seol et al. (2013) suggested that the essential oil directly relaxes the vascular smooth muscle, causing a fall in blood pressure.

How to use: You can use this blend when needed or you can use every few hours to help prevent problems. Rub on wrists, behind ears overheart every 2-4 hourse.

This oil blend is not intended to treat, diagnose prevent or cure any disease. Please consult your Doctor before starting any new oil blend. If you hare having heart problems please see your doctor. This blend is not intended to treat or heal any heart problem.

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