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Love Drops is a blend of 7 organic Essential OIls that are known for being used traditionally as an aphrodisiac. These oils evoke peace, calm and love and can be used for many emotional issues.

Rose: Eases shock, grief, and depression, Soothes anger, Heal's deep despair and anxiety, Soothes and heals the heart and Brings a feeling of love.

Neroli: neroli is wonderful in blends for people and animals who need strong emotional support. The gentle floral, citrus aroma can be very soothing and calming to the nervous system, especially when used in very small amounts and blended with other calming oils. It’s an important oil during times of serious shock and trauma. It can be wonderful in massage oils because people have an overwhelmingly positive response to its aroma and calming effect. Neroli is considered an antidepressant and is very helpful for reducing anxiety. I suggest blending it into a cream or adding one drop to your bath. Neroli relaxes the nerves, calms and soothes the heart.

Love Drops has 2 kinds of Jasmine.....Jasmine grandifolia and Jasmine sambac. they are both distinctive in aroma, Grandifollia is sweet, sambac is more earthy. combined they are amazing. Jasmine releases inhibitions, Relieves depression associated with emotional repression, Diminishes fear and Supports comfort within oneself.

How to use: Apply to wrists, behind ears, inner thighs as often as needed or 2-3 times a day.

Please consult your vet or doctor before starting any new supplement.

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