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Moody Mare is a blend of 14 different essential oils that has shown to help balance hormonal function. Clary Sage, Fennel, Jasmine, Niaouli are just a few of the oils that are in the blend. Clary Sage, topically contains 10-16% Linalol which is know to have sedative activity. We also know that Linalyl acetate (which is also in the blend) works synergistically with linolol to help have a sedative action to produce calm, plus, can induce relaxation of smooth muscle. This oil also helps relieve inflammation and spasm.

taken from our group page:

One of the reasons for your mare to have a changing of attitude and personality is because during ovulation she could be having pain and anxiety just like humans do.
(if your mare is staying in heat, it could be an infection, cyst or some other irregularity in her reproductive system and should be checked out by a vet)
Moody Mare has 14 different essential oils that help to relieve the pain, anxiety and stress of ovulation/heat cycles of mares.
Moody Mare-is will hear me use that word a lot, balancing.....because there are several essential oils such as Ylang Ylang and Spikenard that help to balance hormonally and emotionally.
Moody Mare- has oils in it that are anti-sposmatic, relieving pain in smooth tissue organs/uterian muscle and pelvic pain associated with ovulation.
Moody Mare-relieves anxiety associated with ovulation.
Moody Mare- Because of the Jasmine in this blend, Moody Mare Relieves depression associated with emotional repression
Diminishes fear, Supports comfort within oneself. Its aroma can regulate mood, enhance alertness, reduce anxiety, and possibly improve self-confidence.
Moody Mare-Calms obsessive thinking
Supports self-care
Comforts and warms
Calms the heart
This blend is to be used daily, 10-20 drops in the feed 1-2 times a day. it can also be used topically over the sacro-lumbar junction where mares tend to have pain during painful heat cycles. It can also be use aromatically on nostrils and squirt a dropper full in mouth.

*Always check with your Veterinarian before using a new product or supplement. Essential Oils are not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any disease.

Directions: 10-15 drops in feed 1-2 times a day or as needed. Can be rubbed directly over ovaries at the lower back.

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