Diet Duo

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Diet Duo

Diet Duo is a combination of 2 different oils. First is the Metabolic Blend. This blend is uplifting and anti depressive. It also helps to control appetite, burns fat and is a metabolic booster. (This blend also has great immune boosters in it!) All certified organic and therapeutic essential oils. Roll on wrists, behind ears, bottoms of feet or anywhere desired 4-5 times a day or anytime you need a boost!

The 2nd Oil in the blend is the PURE OIL Diet Drops (all certified organic and therapeutic). Use this blend in your water. 1 drop per glass/bottle. It is VERY strong so one drop is all it takes! This blend helps to control appetite, burns fat, and may give you more energy! It also, is an excellent immune booster!

Make sure your Diet Drops is always set upright to avoid evaporation and leakage.

*Always check with your doctor before using a new product or supplement.

Essential Oils are not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any


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Morphine Bomb Plus

Okay I’m just seeing this. I have a very hard yet wonderful testimony. My father in law had cancer. The medicine the doctors prescribed weren’t helping with the pain. I asked him to try the morphine bomb. To my surprise he agreed. He used the morphine bomb right up to the last six days!!! For over six months of his fight he FINALLY found some relief. He fought all my suggestions for several months. He couldn’t sleep. Couldn’t do much of anything. He was a very active man. Always building something and always outside working. He was unable to for several months because of the pain. With morphine bomb he was able to sleep again. He was able to do things outside, granted in small increments but that was wonderful!!! He had somewhat of a life again. He attended church and was able to stay the entire service thanks to this miracle oil. He sadly list this battle, but had it not been for this wonderful gift he would have suffered much worse than he did. We are very greatful for the time we were given to spend with him because he felt like doing things again!!!

Kim Low