Liquid Xanax Plus

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Liquid Xanax

This is a fun name for a relaxing/calming blend! (There is no Xanax in the blend) Equine Liquid Xanax has a total of 14 different Organic Essential Oils in it! Blue Tansy, Rosewood, Vanilla Absolute, Frankincense. They all promote a feeling of grounding and stability. Energetically, a feeling of safety and security.

Directions: Rub on wrists, behind ears, bottoms of feet or anywhere the blood vessels are close to the surface of the skin. 2-4 times a day or as often as needed.

With Non THC CBD

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Hoof Stimulator

This product is awesome! I had a mare get a bad abscess that involved coffin bone. She was in alot of pain in this foot and it had alot of drainage. I purchased this product and began applying daily after soaking her hoof in Epsom salt and her hoof began to have less heat and she used it more willingly. Her hoof healed incredibly fast for how severe the abscess was and I attribute alot of that to the increased blood flow that the hoof stimulator helped with. I also had a mare who was lame on one foot out of the blue! I applied a dab of the hood stimulator around her cornet band and gave her some morphine bomb drops and let her sit for 30 min and my daughter was able to ride her that evening without a limp! We later had foot x-rayed and it should some arthritic changes and slight inflammation but these 2 products help keep her going without pain.

Amanda Smith