Scar Tissue Formula

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Scar Tissue Formula

Scar tissue is a collection of cells and collagen that covers the site of the injury. People can develop scar tissue on their skin as the result of an injury, surgery, or acne.

Scar Tissue Formula is a blend of 10 certified organic essential oils that are cicatrisant, meaning it is wound healing, skin penetrating and nourishing. Helichrysum italicum, one of the oils in the blend, reduces inflammation, edema and discoloration thru the chemical componets italidiones and neryl acetate. Scar tissue is fibrous tissue, this blend helps to soften and reduce it.

*Always check with your doctor before using a new product or supplement. Essential Oils are not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any disease.

This blend is safe for Horse or Human.

How to use: Rub on scar 2 times a day or as needed.

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Last summer my horse was coughing when I was warming him up to run. I thought he may have been having an allergy reaction to what he was eating. I had him tested and he tested to be allergic to just about everything I was feeding him. My first thought was…. what am I going to feed this horse???? I decided not to have the medication made up for him and I started him on the Allergy and Sinus Blend by Deanna Harrison. He has been on Allergy and Sinus blend since last summer. No more coughing!!! He gets 10 drops once a day in grain. Love Love this product!!

Jacinda Felton