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This is a blend of essential oils that is highly antibacterial and anti fungal. There is a total of 6 essential oils in this blend. It is also healing for the cracked and affected areas of the frog/hoof.

Lemongrass is in the blend. It has a high level of citronellol. It is painkilling, anti fungal and has good antibacterial activity.

Geranium has high levels of geraniol and is effective against yeasts including the candida species. Geraniol has been identified as inhibition outflow from bacterial cells, stopping the spread of infection and is an anti inflammatory.

This is a great therapy for all abscesses/cracks and hoof issues involving infection/pain and slow healing.

How to use: Just squirt dropper full in cracks and holes in hooves. 1-2 times a day.

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 23 August, 2020.

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