epm stabilized

EPM treatment saved my gelding

I started my gelding off with the EPM treatment after being at my wits end and a total loss of where to go next. My gelding was a total nightmare and a terror to handle. By day 5 I noticed a small difference. By day 10 it was a bigger difference. He went thru 2 rounds of treatment and he’s back to his normal self! The EPM treatment saved my gelding and I’ll be forever thankful! Next we moved onto the equine liquid Xanax cbd version. I started using this to help bring him back into the ring without nerves and using his brain to focus instead of spook. I love that product because it didn’t take away his positive energy, but toned down the spookiness he started having making a comeback. He was able to focus again. I love deannas products and will vouch for them again and again!
**My gelding competes in jumpers and is also a barrel horse. Placing an order again to refill my stock!