deannas essential oils

We truly believe in these products!

Have you ever just believed in product so much? We don’t leave our property without our oils.
I bought Diggs in September of 2019, knowing only a few things about him a he’s broke and is EPM. This diagnosis is not common in MN – so not knowing a single thing about EPM, only knowing he gets treated with “Deanna’s oils”, the “stabilized”. I made my first order, treating February of 2020. I couldn’t believe the results! He gained weight, he wasn’t so spooky, his tummy seemed be more controlled and best of all, he wasn’t a bronc! All in just a week of treating. The results were there and seemed almost immediate. We finished the 30 days and he was riding off like a new horse!
Later, we continued to use that product treating 2x a year. I then decided to try the Ulcer rescue, even from the changes made during treatment, this gelding continued to gain weight, looking better and better. Not only that but performing. His first year running, he is consistent in the 1D. He is feeling good!
From there and on top of those products, we religiously use E stabilized, Morphine bomb and more.

These products work and you can’t go wrong! We believe in these amazing products and never go without! It’s truly set him up for the best, feeling the best he possibly can!
Thank you!