Testimonial Category: Horses On Oil

Won’t run without!

I started both my horses on the lung oil in their feed. I was absolutely amazed at the new gears my mare found in the barrel pen only 2 weeks after starting. I then started using the oil as a pre- race for both my mare and my gelding. I just recently added in the […]

Air Supply Trio

I’ve used this trio on a horse with IAD and a bleeder with great results. Lessens symptomatic allergies. Allows them to recover quicker and the Mega Air is a great pre-race addition.

Anhidrosis Formula

After trying what seems LIKE EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN (no pun intended for the poor non-sweaters), I luckily stumbled upon Deanna’s products. I have experienced with essential oils for myself and found them effective. Most importantly – if they didn’t do what I had hoped, they didn’t cause harm. So – why not give it […]

Allergy Sinus Blend 2.0

Last summer my horse was coughing when I was warming him up to run. I thought he may have been having an allergy reaction to what he was eating. I had him tested and he tested to be allergic to just about everything I was feeding him. My first thought was…. what am I going […]

Equine Liquid Xanax

Loved this oil for myself and horses. I put little drop on nostrils and on forehead before i get on to warm up and you can see them relax when they smell the oil. I also put a little on my neck before i get on to run and it keeps me from getting so […]

Hoof Stimulator

This product is awesome! I had a mare get a bad abscess that involved coffin bone. She was in alot of pain in this foot and it had alot of drainage. I purchased this product and began applying daily after soaking her hoof in Epsom salt and her hoof began to have less heat and […]

Equine Ulcer Rescue

I have 2 gelding (25 and 11) both have a colic history. I bought the ulcer oils from mrs Deanna 2 years ago and since giving the oils neither one of my boys have had any problems at all. Love my ulcer oils

We truly believe in these products!

Have you ever just believed in product so much? We don’t leave our property without our oils. I bought Diggs in September of 2019, knowing only a few things about him a he’s broke and is EPM. This diagnosis is not common in MN – so not knowing a single thing about EPM, only knowing […]

Absolutely Amazing!

I first used Deanna’s oils when I wanted to make sure my mare was feeling her best. I always prefer natural supplements over others and I really liked the concept of her oils. I use the mega air as well as the mega fire. I love how my mare feels and it gives her that […]

EPM treatment saved my gelding

I started my gelding off with the EPM treatment after being at my wits end and a total loss of where to go next. My gelding was a total nightmare and a terror to handle. By day 5 I noticed a small difference. By day 10 it was a bigger difference. He went thru 2 […]